Is my plate valuable?

Over the decades, the market to trade in private number plates has grown into a multi-million pound business. A private plate used to be the mark of the super-rich or royalty, but times have changed. The DVLA started selling personalised registrations in 1989 via DVLA number plate auctions and 30 years on, over 6 million registrations have been sold.

Shorter plates - these are usually older too - are rare and when they do come up for sale, can cost hundreds of thousands, even millions of pounds. However, every private plate has a value. That’s because the combination of letters and numbers always has significance to someone, and you may have the plate that someone has been searching for. So, if you are asking yourself ‘how much is my number plate worth in the UK’, that’s where our number plate valuations service comes in.

The Number Plate Valuations Service

So how does it work? First of all, we can tell you it’s unbelievably simple for you because all you have to do is ask us ‘what is my number plate worth’. Here’s what happens next:

Get your plate valued

Five simple steps to number plate valuations

  1. Fill in the form

    You fill in the number plate valuation form with your private registration, along with a few contact details. Please bear in mind you have to own the registration to request a number plate valuation.
  2. Wait 48 hours

    We will contact you with a number plate valuation within 48 hours. How do we do it? Well, our team has over 25 years’ of experience in buying and selling private registrations.

    They know what will sell and how to get the very best price, acting on your behalf. Our market research tells us what else is available and so we can benchmark your plate at the right level.
  3. Your plate is added (POA) to our site

    When you request a free valuation, your registration is added to our website and marked Price On Application. This is so it starts attracting interest for you, even before we have confirmed the valuation. If someone is looking for that registration, you are already in a strong position to sell. Don’t worry, you’re under no obligation to sell your

    personalised number plates at this stage.

  4. You decide if you want to sell

    We give you the valuation and then it’s up to you - do you want to sell? If you do, we will handle the sale for you. We add a small commission but that is on top of your asking price so the full valuation fee will come to you.
  5. A hassle-free sale

    We are one of the few companies who offers to buy number plates for stock if they meet our criteria. This means a really quick sale for you - why not see if your private plate meets our criteria?

Why not get your free number plate valuation today - you might be surprised at how much it’s worth.

Number plate valuation

What other factors can affect the price of a number plate?

If you want to ask us ‘how much is my private plate worth’, then our experts will be able to help as we have years of experience working in the industry, but here we take you through what other factors can affect the price of a number plate.

  • Shorter registration plates – as we have touched on above, these are usually older and are rarer and some have been known to have been sold for millions of pounds.
  • How common your registration number plate is - One factor which indicates how much your number plate is worth is how common it is and whether it contains common names and initials. Number plates that have many variations tend to be worth less.
  • Names and numbers – When you ask our experts ‘how much is my number plate worth’, they will explain how personalised plates that spell a word, phrase or name generally fetch more money than a standard reg plate.
  • The age of your number plate – The main reason shorter number plates are worth more is because they are generally older. These private plates are not in circulation as much as longer plates are as they were first used over 100 years ago, making them rarer.

Don’t just think about ‘how much is my reg worth’ – get in touch with the Right Reg team and receive a quote!