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Right Reg takes pride in its diverse collection of private plates, offering a wide array of options for individuals seeking to personalize their vehicles. Whether customers are looking to incorporate initials, favourite numbers, or a unique combination, our selection of private plates provides ample choices to suit various preferences.

As a trusted number plate supplier, Right Reg is dedicated to making the process of acquiring a personalised plate seamless and user-friendly. Our private plates are more than just a customisation option; they become a registered trademark of the driver, adding a distinctive touch to their vehicle.

Right Reg is committed to adhering to DVLA personalised registrations standards, ensuring that every personalised plate meets the necessary regulations and legal requirements. Whether you are buying or selling, our platform offers a straightforward and secure experience for individuals interested in personalised plates and car registrations. Choose Right Reg for a reliable and efficient service in the world of personalised number plates.

Our Services

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Buy Private Plates

Facilitating the acquisition of your own private registration plates has never been more convenient with our assistance. Whether you’re seeking a unique new plates for your vehicle, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or considering buying a new number plate as an investment, we provide a great way to discover the ideal registration without any hidden charges. Explore the UK’s most extensive collection of private number plates with Right Reg, ensuring that you have the best chances of finding that perfect own plate to suit your preferences.

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Sell Private Plates

Obtain a complimentary, no-obligation valuation today from our dedicated team of specialists. Leveraging over 10 years experience within the number plate industry, we are well-equipped to offer you an insightful and practical price estimate. This valuable service enhances your prospects of selling your private number plate to a vast pool of potential buyers, ensuring that you secure the best possible price for your private plate.

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Number Plate Auctions

Whilst all auctions for DVLA personalised registrations are now carried out online, as a DVLA-recognised reseller we will make sure that you are in the right plate and bidding the right amount for the very best DVLA number plates. Right Reg will talk you through every step of the auction process with the vehicle licensing agency to ensure you get the best price for your perfect plate.

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Unique Private Plates

Capture a piece of history by selecting from our assortment of unique number plates that will fit in perfectly with you life. Boasting the UK’s most extensive collection of dateless number plates, we offer you the opportunity to bestow your vehicle with the exclusive and personalised plate it rightfully deserves. Choose from our unparalleled range and elevate your vehicle’s identity with a touch of historical significance.

Private Plates - The ‘Needs to Know’ Before You Buy

When buying a new registration, there are a number of factors that you need to consider that will ensure your car registration plates are not only a fantastic addition to your vehicle, but also an amazing investment to keep hold of. Below are the areas you need to consider before purchasing your dream number plate.

Plate Specs

Whilst buying your favourite registration marks is an easy process with Right Reg, before you do so there are some stringent regulations that govern the presentation of registration numbers on number plates that you need to consider. This includes encompassing specifications related to colour, size, decoration, reflectivity and character attributes such as size, font, and spacing.

Non-compliance with these display regulations may lead to consequences such as MOT failure, financial penalties, and the permanent forfeiture of the respective registration number. We offer a comprehensive explanation of the guidelines governing the display of number plates to ensure compliance with the established standards.

Number Plate Transfers

To display private number plates on your vehicle, it is essential to obtain the right to showcase the new number. This involves an official number plate transfer to your vehicle, replacing its existing registration. Purchasing plastic number plates with the desired number alone does not suffice.

Without completing the transfer process, the registration on the V5C registration document remains unchanged. It is illegal to exhibit a registration number different from the one specified on the vehicle’s V5C. We’ll help you with every step of this transfer process without an additional DVLA transfer fee.

Rules & Regulations

When acquiring personal number plates, it’s crucial to consider the compatibility between the vehicle and the registration number. It is not allowed to showcase a registration with a year code later than the age of your vehicle.

For instance, if you’re looking to display the new ‘73’ style number plate on a vehicle initially registered in 2020, it would be unlawful. Conversely, exhibiting a registration older than the car, such as a ‘61’ registration, is permissible. For a comprehensive understanding of UK car registrations, date codes, and related details, please refer to the detailed explanation in our article; Understanding Number Plate Rules & Regulations.

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Why Right Reg?

Recognised DVLA Reseller

Being a recognised reseller of DVLA registration, Right Reg ensures that we operate within the framework established by the government agency, ensuring that all transactions and new personalised number plate sales are conducted in accordance with legal requirements. This recognition enhances the credibility and reliability of Right Reg as a preferred choice for individuals seeking private registration numbers. Customers can have confidence in the authenticity and legality of their transactions, making Right Reg a reputable and trustworthy partner in the realm of personalised registrations.

Available 7 Days A Week

Right Reg takes pride in being available seven days a week, providing customers with accessibility and convenience throughout the entire week. This commitment to a seven-day service ensures that individuals can engage with Right Reg’s offerings, whether they are seeking to purchase a personalised number plate, inquire about valuation, or explore the process of selling their private registration.

Free Valuation Service

We are proud to offer a complimentary number plate valuation service, allowing individuals to gain insight into the potential value of their private registration. Leveraging the expertise of their specialised team, this free and no-obligation service provides customers with an informed and realistic estimate. Whether considering a sale or simply curious about the value of a cherished number plate, Right Reg’s valuation service empowers individuals with valuable information, helping them make informed decisions about their personalised registration assets.

Our Private Plate Formats

Private plate showing a person’s name

Name Specific Plates

Name-specific plates from Right Reg offer a unique and personalised touch to your vehicle. This number plate combination allows individuals to showcase their name or a meaningful word on their vehicle’s registration, adding a distinctive flair. Whether it’s a personal statement, a gift for a loved one, or a way to make your vehicle truly your own, name-specific plates provide a creative and individualised option.

Range Rover with a dateless format private plate

Dateless Number Plates

Dateless private plates from Right Reg offer a timeless and classic option for individuals seeking a distinctive touch for their vehicles. Unlike plates with specific year indicators, dateless plates do not display a reference to the vehicle’s age identifier, providing a sense of enduring style. These plates are a popular choice for those who appreciate the elegance of a registration without a visible date code.

Range Rover private plate with HD initials

Initials Private Plates

These plates allow individuals to feature their initials prominently, creating a distinctive and meaningful statement on their registration. Whether it’s a representation of your own name, a loved one’s initials, or a creative combination, initials private plates provide a unique touch to your vehicle. Right Reg’s extensive collection ensures a variety of options, allowing customers to find the perfect combination of letters and numbers that holds personal significance.


Car Specific Plates

Car-specific plates from Right Reg offer a tailored and customised approach to vehicle registration, allowing individuals to choose plates that align seamlessly with their car’s make, vehicle model, or other specific features. Whether you’re looking for the ideal number plate for your Range Rover, a unique registration for your Porsche or even a standout number plate for your high end Ferrari, we have the perfect choice for all types of vehicles, helping you to enhance the brand identity of your vehicle.

Right Reg have millions of private plates available. Start your search here, or please get in touch if you’d like our expert help finding the perfect plate for your vehicle.