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Right Reg is a family-run business that has been buying and selling private registration plates for 25 years. Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge as a number plate supplier allow us to find our customers the perfect personalised number plates. No matter your budget, our personal, friendly service is here to help you find that cherished registration you’ve been hoping for. Our UK private plates start at just under £750.

Right Reg isn’t just for those who want to buy a private plate, however. If you have a private plate for sale, we can give you the best price and complete the sale for you. We are here to make buying and selling private plates easy, with everything from number plate valuations to our easy-to-use number plate finder.

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Here at Right Reg, we are the home of private number plates in the UK and a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations. If you are on the hunt for personal number plates that you can be proud of, our extensive database will be able to make it happen. We have an incredible number of private plates for sale so have a browse and find your dream number plate today.