How Much Is My Number Plate Worth?

If you are looking at selling a private number plate, it has a value, and it’s our job to unlock that value for you. You can find out more at how much is my number plate worth? It’s quick and easy and gets you one step closer to selling your number plate.

How Quickly Can You Sell My Number Plate?

Immediately. Once you agree a price with us, we list your number plate on our site.

We have more than 40k visitors at Right Reg every month, so if someone is looking for private plates like yours, they will find it here. We also invest heavily in advertising and have a vastly experienced sales team who have been selling private plates for years - they get the deal done. In some cases, we actually buy here at Right Reg for our stock. We work for you to sell your private number plate and we do all this for a very small commission on top of your valuation. This means the whole value of the plate comes to you.

Five Simple Steps To Sell A Private Number Plate

  1. Fill in the form

    You fill in the valuation form with your registration number and a few contact details like your email address and phone number. Remember, you have to own the registration to request a number plate valuation.

    Our knowledgeable valuers will assess your registration number to ensure you receive the best offers. When you sell a number plate with us and complete the number plate valuation form, you are permitting us to list your private plates provisionally with ‘POA’ (Price on application) pending your acceptance to the quote.

    There is no fee to sell a private plate or advertise with Right Reg.

  2. Wait 48 hours

    When you are looking to sell private number plates, it is a quick process as you will have a valuation within 48 hours and your registration is then added to our website. You don’t have to accept our valuation and you can ask us to sell my number plate for a different price or remove it from our system. A common question people ask is ‘how can you sell my private plate quickly’, and usually one of our top tips is the lower the price, the quicker the sale.
  3. Sale confirmed

    When the sale is agreed, we confirm this in writing and ask you for some paperwork relating to the plate - either the DVLA certificate or the vehicle V5C. We also ask for your bank details so we can transfer the payment into your account.
  4. Transfer completed

    Once we have the documentation, it has been authorised and regulated, and the buyer has paid in full, we complete the transfer. We use same-day bank transfer so the money is in your account immediately. If the person buying the number plate is not looking to assign the registration mark straight away, then we can retain the number in their name off of the donor vehicle, or if the reg mark is already on a DVLA certificate a nominee name and address amendment can be undertaken with DVLA.
  5. All done in 10 days or less

    With many transfers now being processed using the online services provided by the DVLA, it means our professional administration team has the sale process completed in ten days or less.

That’s it. No hidden costs or complicated paperwork. We make selling private plates easy - why not list yours today?

Number plate valuation

At Right Reg we are a recognised reseller of DVLA car registrations and we can put your plate in front of potential buyers through a variety of methods. If you are a buyer, then we can also help you too as we make bidding on DVLA auctions and browsing our private plates for sale simple and straightforward.

If you have any questions about selling private plates, please get in touch.