How do you work out the number plate value?

There are lots of features that go into the value of a number plate, and this includes the number of letters and registration numbers, common names and phrases, the scarcity of the plate, and the history of the number plate. That’s why our number plate valuation service is unrivalled as we are experts in the field and have years of experience in valuing number plates. For even more information, read this guide about how much is my number plate worth.

Can I value my number plate instantly?

It doesn’t take long to get a number plate valuation and one of our experienced valuers will value your private reg plate within 48 hours. Please only complete the form below if you own and genuinely wish to sell your personalised number plate.

What is the process of valuing my number plate?

When you request a number plate valuation, it’ll be added to our website automatically and marked as ‘POA’ (Price on application) pending your agreement to sell. When you receive your valuation, you’ll be given the option to agree to the suggested price, adjust it if necessary, or remove it from our system. If yours is a popular style of private plate, we may also offer to buy it immediately for our own stock.

Can I value my number plate for free?

If you are asking the question ‘where can I value my number plate for free’, then you’ll be delighted to hear that there is no fee to sell your number plate or advertise with Right Reg.

We will advertise your registration for sale at your asking price plus our commission on top.

Now that we have answered any number plate valuation questions that you had, fill in the details for your number plate and your own personal details and we can help you find out how much your plate is worth.

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