The benefit of investing in private number plates is that you get the enjoyment from having the registration displayed on any of your vehicles, with no expense to upkeep or maintain.

Whether you purchased a number 1 registration (1 ABC) or a 2x2 (12 AA) or a single number two letter (4 XT) all these private number plates have trebled in value over the last 5 years.

Car registration sales are currently at a record level with prices increasing month by month.

Importantly any number plate purchased for investment purposes needs to be bought at a competitive price, this is where Right Reg can be of assistance to you. If you are interested in building up a private number plate portfolio, please contact us directly for a confidential discussion. We have a number of investment clients who have been very successful with the return on their outlay.

If you are considering purchasing cherished number plates as a form of investment, we are available to advise you which registrations would prove to be a worthy investment. There are so many pitfalls when buying a private number plate to resell that you must consider. We get calls from people regularly who have purchased completely the wrong sort of registration as an investment. This is where our years of experience are so important in deciding what to buy and at what price.

Right Reg offer a full buying and selling service with complete confidentiality assured. If you would like to join our other successful investors, please contact us.