DVLA Auction News: May 2024

DVLA Auction News: May 2024

This month has been another busy month in from the world of DVLA number plate auctions with a considerable number of high profile private plates selling for substantial amounts.

Once again this month the most expensive purchase was made for a highly desirable 3 letter and one number private plate combination. These types of private plates are still be far the most popular as they offer fantastic personalisation without bearing some of the higher end price tags that many of the 3 digit or 2 digit plates carry.

This month the highest seller within the auction was for a number plate 1 WLK which sold for a total of £93,825. Whilst reg plates within this field tent to go for 5 figure sums, this proved to be a substantially higher amount in the context of recent sale prices and shows just how desirable these forms of plates can be.

In second place was a plate that consisted of 2 letters and 2 numbers. The plate in question was 11 RM which made £55,305 in total. This was a fairly standard price for a plate of this type and represented good value for money.

In 3rd was a slightly more intriguing plate that fetched £38,600 from the purchaser. With a combination of mostly numbers and a single letter that spelt out 8055 G, we thing the owner intended to be read as 'Boss G' and certainly added a sense of personalisation to the vehicle.

In 4th place was a number plate that we suspect was bought by Porsche owner with a plate that was in high demand. Registration plates that have any element of Porsche models within them are always highly sought after and this plate was no different with the 911 FU selling for a reasonably high value of £32,180.

Lastly in 5th place was the plate AST 30N which we believe was sold to an Aston Martin owner. This reg plate once again contained an instantly recognisable selection of numbers and letters and was sold for a fairly high price tag of £30,267.

Over the course of May DVLA Auction, an additional 1984 number plates were sold alongside the bestselling top 5 plates with only 11 plates in total left unsold. During the 7 days online event a total of £6,562,210 was spent on private plates, delivering a fantastic £6,143,316 to the UK Treasury.

The next DVLA Auction is due to take place between the dates of Wednesday 19th June to Tuesday 25th June 2024 and we will report the results the week after the auction takes place. Happy bidding!!