June DVLA Number Plate Auction: Highlights and Bargains

June DVLA Number Plate Auction: Highlights and Bargains

The June DVLA Number Plate Auction showcased a variety of personalized number plates, drawing attention from enthusiasts and collectors alike. Although this month's selection was somewhat routine, it still offered intriguing combinations and some remarkable bargains. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time bidder, the June auction had something to pique everyone's interest.

Highlights of the Number Plate Auction

The standout plate in June's auction was 1 OOG, which fetched the highest price of £46,959. This enigmatic combination can be interpreted in various ways. It might be seen as "1 dog" or even as a representation of "100" followed by the letter "G." Regardless of the buyer's motive, the plate's visual appeal and potential for personalization made it a coveted item.

Top-Selling Plates

Coming in second was 150 HO, sold for £36,058. This plate would be a perfect fit for an individual or business in Soho, creating an instant connection with the iconic London district. The third highest sale was AVI 5, which went for £32,193. This plate is particularly noteworthy for its resemblance to "Avis," making it an ideal choice for promoting an Avis car rental franchise.

Other Notable Sales

Other notable sales included 115 SA, which fetched £30,267, and 154 L, which sold for £30,126. These plates, while not as visually striking as the top sellers, still garnered significant interest and achieved impressive prices. The allure of personalized number plates continues to attract buyers looking for unique and meaningful combinations.

Bargains and Trends

Despite the high prices of some plates, there were still numerous bargains to be had at the June DVLA Number Plate Auction. Many buyers managed to secure desirable registrations at lower-than-expected prices, highlighting the potential for great deals in the world of personalized number plates. This trend underscores the growing appeal of number plate auctions, where bidders can find unique combinations that reflect their personality or business.

The Appeal of Private Number Plates

Private number plates have become increasingly popular as a form of self-expression and a unique way to stand out on the road. They offer a combination of status, individuality, and even investment potential. Auctions like the DVLA's provide a platform for enthusiasts to acquire these coveted registrations, contributing to the vibrant market for personalized plates.


The June DVLA Number Plate Auction may have been light on headline-grabbing numbers, but it still offered a range of interesting combinations and bargains. From the top-selling 1 OOG to the creatively appealing 150 HO and AVI 5, the auction demonstrated the enduring allure of personalized number plates. As interest in unique registrations continues to grow, future auctions are likely to see even more exciting and valuable plates on offer. Whether you're looking to make a statement or find a memorable gift, the DVLA Number Plate Auction remains a key event for personalized plate enthusiasts.