Registrations in the next DVLA Auction

Prices shown are the bidding starting prices for the auction to be held on Auction starts on Wednesday, 24 Jul 2024 10:00 AM and ends on Tuesday, 30 Jul 2024.

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How to bid on a DVLA auction

The Driver Vehicle License Agency (DVLA) hold regular plate auctions. Bidding on DVLA auctions with Right Reg is simple. Follow the instructions below to start bidding on your desired plate at DVLA number plate auctions.

  1. First of all, click on the number plate you want to bid on from the listings on this page.
  2. Enter your maximum bid amount. This is called the ‘hammer price’ and will be the maximum bid that you agree to buy the registration plate for.
  3. The next step is to fill in your name and contact details.
  4. You will then need to submit a ‘nominee name’, this is the name of the registered keeper of the vehicle that will be using the plate won in the DVLA number plate auction. If you are buying the plate for someone else, you will need to enter their name as the nominee.
  5. Then all you need to do is confirm and pay the DVLA plate auction bidding fee.

How does a DLVA timed auction work

A DVLA private plate auction can be either a timed online auction or a venue auction. Here at Right Reg, you can participate in a timed online auction by bidding remotely on the private plates you wish to acquire.

A timed DVLA number plates auction takes place over a few days and the system will increase bid prices by £10 increments. This is done on behalf of the bidder up until their maximum bid. If the lot bids go beyond your maximum bid, you will lose the lot in question.

There is a system in place to prevent people from bidding as late as possible (lot sniping) in a DVLA auction, this results in any bid that is made in the last 30 minutes causing the auction end time to increase by 30 minutes.

Find the Right Reg for you

Here at Right Reg, we are experts in personalised number plates. We don’t just facilitate bids on DVLA reg auctions, we are a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations and have a deep database of private number plates for sale. If you want to sell your number plate, we can also make that happen by getting you the best prices.

If you have any questions about DVLA personalised registrations, please get in touch.